Thursday, December 4, 2008

Song of Solomon Facilitator Training

A couple of weekends ago I dropped into Dallas for a Song of Solomon Facilitator's Training. I got to catch up with some dear folks and wanted to share some photos.
DFW friends, I hope to catch up with y'all when I'm actually in town for a longer period of time (maybe after Christmas this year)

Pastor (Denton Bible Church), author and speaker emeritus of Song of Solomon Conferences - Tom Nelson

Head Dawg of Hudson Productions and Song of Solomon Conferences - Doug Hudson
Facilitator trainers Roger and Denise Friesen of Nebraska. I attended a dinner party at their home once. They have taken ~ 500+ through the materials
Friend and former Hudson Productions staff Ashley Jones - whoput up with Michael Armstrong and me making fun of her for many years

Employed across the highway from the host church - I popped in for a quick visit to see my sister, LaToya Lowery

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