Friday, June 12, 2009


Mi familia - as we began our 2009 family summer break

I've had the privilege of having my life touched by some wonderful people. I just returned from a trip designed to visit a few of them. I feel the Lord Jesus has really blessed me by the people He has placed in my life. I credit Him for the timing and order in which He has placed each and every person.

So here are some photos of my vacation. A few years ago, my wonderfully wise wife helped me realize I get "the summer blues" in ministry every year. I suppose when the summer rolls around and people are in and out of what I consider their "normal" places, this people-oriented pastor gets a little down. She has been instrumental in helping me take myself a little less seriously. I realize many of you only see the sunshiney-happy side of me, but she sees...a lot.

So, thank you God for the awesome people YOU have placed in my life, starting with my wonderful wife, Jen and including, but not limited to, others including (this is my way of signing off and saying "Enjoy the photos." I'll make a photo album in Facebook as well):

John & Wanda Strappazon with the kids and me.
John and Wanda had to deal with super-raw Adaryll.
John discipled me in the faith, leading to the re-commitment of my life to Jesus Christ which led to a call to pastoral ministry.

Young Adults of Traders Point Christian Church
God gave me the great privilege of ministering at this wonderful church for 5 1/2 years of my life right after leaving New Orleans Seminary.

Tom Nelson, the family and me
For 8 years of my life I was encouraged and challenged as a member of the Song of Solomon Conference team with Tommy. Tommy told Elena how Jen and I drug Elias around to some conferences with us beginning when Elias was ~ 3 months old!

I pray that whoever and wherever you are, God will place some fantastic influences in your life as well - that is, people who will help you grow more into the image of Christ Jesus. There's nothing like it!


Meghan said...

It was so sweet to see you and the family again! I loved laughing, singing, and playing with the kids. Thanks for meeting us in OK and catching up with some of the YA's

Jordan said...

Adaryll - it was so good to be with you, Jen, and the kids! Thanks for meeting up with us in OK City. May God continue to bless you in your ministry in Austin and abroad!