Tuesday, August 14, 2012

facts - TRUTH - feelings

     Life comes at 'ya pretty fast. When life is really flying, I sometimes wonder is something true or do I simply feel it's true? It's good for me to pause every now and then, look around, and take inventory on what's going on. One of the more helpful tools in my life lately has been the Myers-Briggs/Jung Typology Indicator (complete an assessment here: http://www.humanmetrics.com/cgi-win/jtypes2.asp).

The Myers-Briggs has been very helpful in my navigating what's going on in life. It's helped me personally from "going crazy" at times, and it has helped me help walk others "back off the ledge" in processing their own situations lately.

I am no expert in the Myers-Briggs assessment, so if you have detailed questions, you'll need to ask someone more qualified. However, I do know that my personality "type" is ENFJ. When I read about the portrait of my type, I am impressed that so much of the description is true. I do become a little uncomfortable, however, reading things about my make-up that are true but not...nice? One of those things with which I'm currently trying to deal with is the "Facts vs. Feelings" issue.

It seems, most of my life, people operate almost fully as "Just the Facts" or "...but I Feel..." kind of folks. I've certainly done this. Both ways - JUST facts or "...well I feel!" As I allow wise people to invest in my life I've learned that either side, taken to its extreme, is probably not a good thing. I've sat through seminars and conferences where the "Fact" people have bashed the "Feelings" people and vice versa. I'm sure I've been a basher myself. It seems all of us may be greatly influenced by our biases. I'd like to suggest to you that the "truth," the better way to deal with oneself and those around us, may be somewhere in the middle. This may be uncomfortable to "I see every issue as black and white..." personalities. It is uncomfortable to me! I thought I'd share the discomfort today, or, at least, give something to ponder as we try to go through life and deal with self and others better.

What is your Myers-Briggs personality type?
Are you a "Facts" or "Feelings" person?
What are your initial thoughts about those who are your personality opposites? Is this healthy?
How can you improve?

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