Saturday, July 6, 2013

I Can't Believe It's a Biography! ("Anselm of Canterbury" Book Review)

Those who know my reading preferences know I prefer nonfiction (as in, I don't read fiction, except for the occasional Dr. Seuss). I was not sure if my children would follow me in this trend or not. Fortunately, my first "test" came along in the form of "Anselm of Canterbury" by Simonetta Carr.

What an extraordinary book! This is one of a series of Christian biographies for young readers. We have not yet completed the book, as we are reading a chapter per night before bed. After completing the first chapter I received a collective "Oh!" followed by "Keep reading...please!" My oldest spoiled his own plan to foil my nightly reading design by saying, "I'm gonna grab that book and finish it tomorrow in my reading time." I had to HIDE a Christian biography!

It is very exciting to me that books like these are being written. I encourage you to grab a copy for yourself and your children. Neither you nor they will be disappointed (unless, of course, you only read a chapter per night)!


Shaun Tabatt said...


Thanks for contributing to the blog tour. It's great that you had to hide the book from your kids. We have similar "challenges" at our house too. ;-)

Shaun Tabatt
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