Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My Church Family and My Blog News

I wanted to share with you some information about the summer at my church, Hill Country Bible Church - Northwest, and some changes I'm making to my blog.

At church summer is the time for "The Great Adventure." I'm not sure of all of the history as I'm still relatively new here, but I can give you some idea of what I'm experiencing now in 2008.

The Great Adventure officially began on Sunday, June 6 with "The Concert of Prayer," one of the most dynamic and exciting prayer services I've ever experienced. (I once attended a revival prayer service with Henry Blackaby, author of "Experiencing God," and that was pretty life-changing as well). The Concert of Prayer service's music was led by The Dutton Band who lead worship regularly at The Heights Church in the DFW area. We prayed for Backyard Bible Clubs (K-4th grade), Xtreme Adventure (5th grade - 7th grade), SummerFest and GO (Global Outreach) trips.

Our senior pastor, Tim Hawks gave the church these points for prayer:

"Here are some specific things you can pray about over the coming weeks:
145 Backyard Bible Clubs will be held throughout the community with over 225 student leaders (July 7-10)
Xtreme Adventure: The Ultimate Knockout will bring over 500 fifth through seventh graders to our campus (July 7-10)
SummerFest takes place Friday, July 11 here on campus. We expect well over 6,000 people in our community to attend!
345 students and adult leaders will take the good news of Jesus Christ to East Austin, Toronto, Chicago, Mexico, Wales, Central Asia and Peru. "

You can help HCBC - NW impact every man, woman and child's life in the greater Austin Area by briefly praying for these things as well.

Jennifer and I host a Backyard Bible Club. Last night was the first one and I thought it went really well. I am expecting God to do great things in many people's lives - children and parents - through this club.

When I decided to blog I knew it would be a little more high-maintenance than folks told me it would be! I've been persuaded to make some changes to make my blog better and, beginning next week, this is the format I'm going to try:

1x/week - blog a devotional/thoughts from the Holy Bible
1x/week - blog impressions from society or personal life (I currently call that "Wacky Wednesday")
1x/week - blog myself playing music

Apparently, people still like to hear me play music and, since I've been fortunate enough to make friends from high school, Texas Tech, New Orleans Seminary, and Indiana who are now spread all over the world - if you want to hear me on saxophone, you will be able to do that soon through this blog. (It won't be a professional-quality recording but I hope you'll enjoy it anyway).

I'm hoping to blog in a Monday/Wednesday/Friday format beginning Monday July 14.

If you have any comments, suggestions, or ideas regarding my blog, I welcome them.
You may leave comments on my blog's comment section (listed at the bottom of each post) or through my Facebook Notes section.

Until later, thanks for your prayers and your comments!

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