Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Wacky Wednesday 4 - Citizenship

How patriotic are you? Are you a really a good citizen of these United States of America?
Lest I become conceited, I thought I'd take a quiz to confirm my patriotism during this July 4 week's edition of Wacky Wednesday.

I invite you to take the MSNBC Citizenship quiz and report back to me how you did:

As for me, with a score of 70%, I received this evaluation:
"65-80%: Hey, you may make a good citizen yet! Look at your wrong answers and a little revision should do the trick."

Take the quiz and leave me a comment, good or bad, regarding your score!


Brad Pendleton said...

85% baby!
Welcome to the United States! (And, truth be told, you{I} know more about this great land than most Americans.)

Who woulda thunk that there were 9 justices, senators served for 6 years (seems like MUCH longer) and Woodrow Wilson was Prez during WWI.

Jenibug7 said...

I got 80%. So some of that stuff I learned in Poli.Sci. summer school in undergrad actually did stick!

Cathy said...

70%, right there with you. I am way down on my current things, but it's amazing how much history you can learn from watching the musical, 1776!

Crystal said...

I also got 80%. An interesting question would be what did you miss? I think my high school teacher taught me more than my college prof...or my brain could have been on overload at TTU!

I am enjoying yours and Jen's blogs. It's fun to see the kids grow. Glad to have you back in TX. If you are ever passing through west Texas gives us a buzz.