Monday, March 9, 2009

Punched in the Face?!

No, my son was not punched in the face.

He did get hit in the face with a baseball during the warm-ups before each of his 1st two baseball games last week, but that's not why he looks like this (photo below).

Elias is in the "losing teeth" phase of life and when one of his two most loyal buddies (Holloway Raulie) lost his front tooth recently, reports came in from teacher and mommy (Jen) that Elias had been wiggling his front loose tooth vigorously to be...I don't know, 1 front tooth-less brothers?!
Sunday afternoon I heard loud laughing from Jen and some playful hollering from Elias going on upstairs in our home. When I came up, this is what I saw - he didn't get punched in the face, but my oh my, he pulled it himself:


Jenibug7 said...

And how prouc was he to put the tooth that HE pulled into the "tooth for sale" envelope last night?! I think part of the thrill was that he, not mommy, actually pulled it out. Thought I had it hanging by a thread when I told him to take over.

Jenibug7 said...

oops0 i meant proud.

Jennifer Barnes said...

That picture has me all sqeamish. Wow, I am not looking forward to this part of the kids growing up!

Millers said...

WOW Elias I can't believe you did that all by yourself. I am so proud of you. How much did you sell the tooth for? Love you big guy!!

amypfan said...

What a big boy!