Friday, April 24, 2009

Big Day at the Texas State Senate

I had the privelege of opening the Texas State Senate with an invocation on April 15. It was an amazing experience. Thanks Tim (Hawks - lead pastor at HCBC Northwest) for the opportunity. There was way more activity going on there than I care to describe in a blog post. Here are a few things I found interesting about the day:
  • I never saw the Governor that day, but I saw a lot of activity around his meeting rooms. I did not know until later he was speaking at the T.E.A. Party protests that day
  • One of the senators had a bagpipe procession that day
  • Colt McCoy visited the Senate that day
  • The hallway behing the back part of the Senate chambers, where the food is served and near where I was to report, reminded me a lot of the 2nd floor of the Northern Ireland Assembly. I told my host it felt like deja vu
  • Emmit Thomas, honored in the NFL Hall of Fame, was honored in the Senate that day
  • There are 31 TX State Senators. They all seemed like they enjoyed each other's company...see, they are really GOOD politicians!
  • Below, a photograph of my TX State Senator, Stephen Ogden and me.

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tricia said...

Hey, you blogged!! Been a long time since we heard from you! That is awesome - what a great experience and how cool for both you and the senators. I pray God continues to give you big and little opportunities to touch others. Have an awesome day!