Monday, January 17, 2011

25th MLK Day

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day everyone. Today is the 25th Celebration of the National Holiday.

I fear there is still much work to do to really honor the day.
If I hear, on Thanksgiving, "we should be thankful EVERY day;" on Christmas, "We should celebrate the birth of Christ EVERY day;" on Easter, "We should celebrate our sins being covered by the blood of Christ EVERY day;" then what does it look like to celebrate the meaning of this holiday every day?

I think it looks like celebrating Hope.
I think it looks like celebrating Opportunity.

As an African-American, it's easy for me to happy today. I am a little disappointed that the holiday seems to be politicized. This is not a day only for members of any one political party! [I'm not a Democrat, a Republican, or any of those U.S. political party members. I am a child of God, and that means more than being a part of any political party. It means, on a day-to-day basis and for an eternity, I get to be a part of THE party - here on earth and for an eternity in heaven when my soul leaves this flawed body.]

No, this is a day for ALL of us. It's about Hope. It's about Opportunity. If African-Americans were not around, you can bet some other group would be the victim of discrimination this very day. We live in a fallen world. Yet, on this day we have the opportunity to celebrate.
Hope. Opportunity.

I have hope in my relationship with Jesus Christ. I have opportunity to impact this world through His power. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a flawed man like you or I, but he took advantage of his opportunity and shared hope.

I pray we all take advantage of our God-given hope. And opportunity.

If you agree (or disagree), holler!

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Jordan said...

Amen. Thanks for the reminder to actively think about hope and opportunity today, as we find it in Jesus Christ. How well MLK modeled this for us! Thank you for post, Adaryll.

Let's get together this spring sometime! I am in Ghana during February but will be back in March.

God bless you and your fam.