Wednesday, January 26, 2011

After the Altar - Sex

Hello After the Altar Community!

First of all, thank you for braving the elements to attend class tonight.
Also, it appears some of my notes did not make it to all of you, so I am placing them here. If you have any other questions about tonight's talk, please email me at

Only 2 more classes for After the Altar and then...(We'll see!!!)

Resources to check out:
Books: Red Hot Monogamy, Sheet Music, Intended for Pleasure
Seminar: Wellspring, Feb. 18-19
Videos: Song of Solomon and Love and Respect
Christian Sex Expert: Joe Beam
Blogs: The Generous Wife, The Generous Husband, Simple Marriage

What is one thing that you heard tonight that will cause you to think and discuss more about Biblical sexuality in your marriage?

What reasons do you believe caused the failure in church history to remain faithful to the Bible’s positive approach to sexuality?

Is there any sexual activity in marriage that you feel is clearly not appropriate for Christians? Why?

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