Monday, February 21, 2011

The Boy

I am really excited about my son's life right now. He is 8 years old. He gave his life to Jesus Christ when he was 4. He did so most sincerely. If you ask him, to this day, when he crossed the line of faith, he will tell you exactly what was happening when he was 4 years old and how he took the steps of faith.

Before my children were born, I decided my children would have to really be accountable in their steps of faith. I would lay a solid foundation, but the Christ-walk was to be "owned" by them.

My son is owning his faith. I have placed hurdles in front of him to test his faith. He has passed every test. I had decided, again before my children were born, that they would own their testimony. My vision of their baptisms? "This is my child, and this is their testimony..." Then THEY speak, then I baptize. I'm not throwing them any bones. To me, the stakes of following Christ are too high. Own your faith kid. You'll have to do it the rest of your life, so your baptism is a great place to show the world, this is MY faith! The boy has recently told me how he plans the logistics of his baptism to go. Way to man up, boy! :-)

He is no angel. he is a normal little boy. Mischievous, disobedient at times, and just flat-out "you're gonna get yourself killed" crazy a lot of times as well.

But the boy is truly, daily, growing in the understanding he is forgiven. The boy finds, more and more, his identity in Jesus Christ. The boy is growing in his faith every day.
Do you know, that in Christ you are a new creature? Do you know that in Him, the old has gone and the new has come? Do you know that in Him you are covered by the blood, paid for - once and for all - at the ultimate price. I just can't get over HIS wonderful grace. I'm thankful that even a child can get it.
Are you like the boy?

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