Thursday, August 25, 2011

God & Noodling?!

I'm a "city boy" to the core, but I have a great appreciation for all-things-outdoors. Earlier this week, while watching Hillbilly Handfishin' - a reality TV show about "noodling," (that is, fishing for catfish using only one's bare hands) I heard something that reminded me of the Christian walk.

The men on the show used two terms that caught my attention. The first term was "Feel the Thunder," which seems to refer to the moment when the catfish rams into you as you are blocking its hole as it tries to escape. The second term is "get bit," because the catfish will bite your hand and this allows you to catch it.

What is interesting to me is that these terms, which don't initially sound positive, are! Feeling the thunder, to me, would seem to mean "a strong storm is coming." Living in places (TX, New Orleans, Indiana, KY) where weather can be severe and dangerous, I'll pass on "feeling the thunder" in its normal context. Getting bit would not seem, in any way to me, to really be a good thing. I think of mosquitoes, babies with sharp teeth, angry dogs, bats and Dracula. No dice on feeling good about getting bit. On Hillbilly Handfishin' these terms are both good things, because feeling the thunder and getting bit means you might be near a place of receiving your prize...the catfish.

As Christians feel the thunder and get bit in life, I pray that the results are good..."Better than Catfish" good. May the result of adversity, challenge and struggle in our lives be a great reward, in heaven and on earth. It is not always easy to believe for a great reward when times are tough. God is on our side. His plan is good - even when we feel the thunder and get bit.


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