Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Thank You, Christ-Follower.

I sense some Christians need to hear this: "Thank you for your generosity."

I'm working on an upcoming class. I paused in the middle of my preparation to thank God for Christ-followers who faithfully, obediently and cheerfully give.

A collection of people go to churches - both mine and yours - regularly and give. As a result of the generosity some time ago from Christians where I live and attend church, my church was able to buy a copier. This copier helps serve and resource THOUSANDS of people, every week, from age 0-(really old).

I truly believe the Lord loves a cheerful giver (2 Cor. 9) and just want to encourage all of you who cheerfully give. It is no small thing to me that I am able to prepare for a class, am able to access a copier, and consequently am able to port a small stack of papers instead of lugging multiple books around.

Thank you, God's people, for giving. I know it's no small thing to give in today's economy. Your giving does have a large impact. Your giving does more than pay for a copier. Your generosity helps serve people around the world. Your giving provides clean drinking water, sends out and supports missionaries, helps provide housing and all other sorts of things. I just wasn't sure, today, if you - giver - hear the words "Thank You" enough. That's why I wrote... today. Thank you! For the copier, and for everything else your generosity does.

(In case someone's wondering, I will recycle the paper. God's people ought to take care of the earth. That's another conversation for another day). :-)

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Unknown said...

Thank you .. it is good and touching...`