Thursday, November 6, 2008

What's Up, Doc?!

Yesterday afternoon I made my first trip with my son to his doctor. My wife asked, "You've never been here before, huh?" I had not.

What a place! My son's exam room was everything one might stereotypically expect from Austin. You see, I try to explain to my out-of-state friends that - to put it nicely - Austin is a little eclectic.

My son's room was a lime green, funk-tified lighted, lava lamps all over, beads hanging from the ceiling themed room.

Whatever it takes to keep an Austin kid chilled out about a visit to the doctor...I guess!

Here's a photo:

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Willow said...

Sorry, I clicked on the wrong post for the last comment. My kids Doc had the same kind of waiting room, gave me a headache, but the kids loved it!