Thursday, June 26, 2008

Smell the Color 9, Hacks!

That was the title of a Chris Rice song.
Anyway, I chose that title because of softball.
I am going to miss two games in a row, and I'm hatin' that. However, our team is 2-0. Gotta love that, even if my sole goal for each game is to avoid injury!

9 runs and a win in softball don't usually go together. In fact, our small group administrative assistants reportedly loss their game last night scoring 9 runs. No, a softball winning score is like, 20+ in my opinion. Still, our team has won twice scoring exactly 9 runs. I guess we're playing good enough defense as the losing teams have scored 6 and 4 runs.

We didn't have a team name officially until a few hours ago. Our coach's last name is Tanner. He told us we could write our names and jersey numbers down and he would draw from a hat a name to be the winner. The winner would choose the team name and team color(s). He is a pretty humble guy (and all of my Indiana friends are saying, "There are no humble Texans..." I know, but he is!) and didn't like my teasing him saying, "If I win, we are going to wear tan shirts and call ourselves 'The Tanners." Well guess what, I did win, but I submitted a team name suggested by another pastor on staff, "The Hill Country Hacks!"

Our team colors, red, white and black of course (Go Tech and Go Buckeyes!).
I can't wait to get back on the field in a few weeks.
Until then, Go Hacks!

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Stephanie said...

I love that album!