Friday, June 20, 2008

Summer Softball

Those of you who have spent years with me in Indiana or Lubbock know that I really enjoy playing softball. If this is a new fact to you, I'll snitch on myself here and say, "it's kind of a big deal" to me.

Softball history for me: I started playing softball in a YMCA league when I was a kid. I played in college and our men's teams got whipped like dogs. Our fraternity co-ed team was neither great nor awful. I coached a dorm team that was a runner-up in our division, which at Tech means T-shirts! In Indy, once again our men's teams were whipped heartily. Our co-ed team...the best I've ever played on. One off year (not in contention for prizes) but the other years included 2nd place to another team at our church, winner and winner again. NOW I'm back in Texas. Our first game was Wednesday and I thought I'd share today some of the differences in softball between Indy and Austin. Happy Reading:

Driving Distance to Field
Indy: Not very far (Brownsburg to NW Indy)
Here: Very Close (Both in Leander, I go off my street to end of neighborhood, make one turn…2 miles and I’m there)

Time of Games
Indy: Usually steady, 3 or 4 p.m.
Here: Always Shifting, 6:15 – 8:15 start times

Temperature Expectation
Indy: Upper 80’s
Here: Upper 90’s, but first game was 106 degrees

What “Co-Ed” Means
Indy: 5 girls
Here: 3 girls

Indy: ~ $40
Here: ~ $25

Indy: City
Here: Church (Hill Country Bible)

League Established
Indy: A while ago!
Here: This year

Purpose of League
Indy: Profit
Here: Outreach

Level of Competition in Co-Ed Play
Indy: Fair - Good
Here: Very Good (One of our Administrative Assistants was very concerned about their 1st game versus a group of former college players. Her team battled back to win by 1 point in the last inning. My team won our game 9-6…seemed more like a baseball game than softball)

League Format
Indy: Games + Tie Breaker/Championship if necessary
Here: Games + Playoffs + Championship Game

Field Description
Indy: Ballpark Complex
Here: City Park (No fences…if you miss, RUN!)

My Position
Indy: Pitcher
Here: 1st Base

Indy: T-shirt for top team in league, Plaque
Here: T-shirts for top 2 teams, Trophy

Indy: 1 Ball for all players
Here: Girls hit 11” ball; Guys hit 12” ball. Balls are switched out as necessary

Me in the Batting Order
Indy: Last
Here: 5th

Grand Goal Week-by-Week; League End
Indy: Win Every Inning; Win Championship
Here: Survive; Try not to embarrass myself too much in front of my son!

We won our 1st game 9-6. We don't have a team name or jerseys yet. I'll let you know about that when we get them.

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