Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sports, Work & the Spirit

I am a HUGE college football fan. It is my very favorite sport to watch and attend. Pro and high school football pale in comparison to my love for the college game (although, I am looking forward to introducing my son to Texas high school football this year). There is so much passion, tradition, and history!
Yesterday I picked up a copy of Lindy's Big 12 football magazine. I keep up with many different teams and I'm predicting Georgia and Ohio State in the BCS Championship game this year. As for my beloved Red Raiders, I predict...good things. Maybe ten wins this year?
Some of my favorite times and best memories of connecting with people occurred at or had something to do with college football. How about you? Is there a sport that you absolutely love to watch? More importantly if you are a sports fan, how will you make relational connections with friends as a result of watching sports? (Hint, one word, TAILGATE!!!)
Awesome. Busy. For my Indiana friends, I am trying to create a New Member Orientation experience here at my new church home. I just completed a format change of our Newcomers class, which occurs every Sunday, to make it more relational and informative about the church versus the Sunday school format that was in place. Now every Sunday visitor not only gets to enjoy a light breakfast, but they meet other guests to the church, hear about the DNA of our church, hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ presented, and are offered a tour of the facility. The volunteers have received the changes well. Finally, since Easter I've been working out the distribution of 1st time guest bags. We've distributed ~ 500 so far and are changing colors, contents, and all of that stuff. It sounded really fun to me until I started dealing with bag distribution companies. Argh! We've finally found a good company though and now every 1st time guest to HCBC - Northwest can receive a beautiful forest green gift bag filled with more information about the church and small gifts.
The Spirit
I've really enjoyed the Disciple-making program I'm in called "Discipleship With A Purpose." It's a 20-week gig filled with lots of great Bible study and Scripture memory. I haven't done any disciple-making material this intense since college! I absolutely love the challenge.
We had a guest pastor in yesterday who preached a sermon called "Sex in the City" as part of our 1st Corinthians series. Besides telling you it was absolutely phenomenal I only suggest you go to iTunes and download the video sermon. Great stuff!
All in all, I'm loving Austin, enjoying new people, missing my Indiana friends like crazy and wishing I could share this wonderful Texas food with them as well. Visitors welcomed in Austin, but you may wanna wait 'til the summer is over...whooo--eeeee! It's hot!
Next time on the blog, (after Wacky Wednesday that is), I'm talkin' food!

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