Monday, June 23, 2008

The Week That Is...and Is To Be

You know, sometimes human beings just encounter interesting weeks.
I'll start with Saturday.

- Rough night. Hard Sunday morning.

- Scheduled to facilitate Newcomers Gathering, held every Sunday at HCBC, only 1 couple attended this week...which is a really odd occurrence. Handing my duties off to a volunteer couple, those guests reportedly gave their lives to Jesus Christ that day!
- Got to hear author David Marshall at our church in the evening. He wrote a book called, "The Truth Behind the New Atheism." Whether you are a Christian or not, you owe it to yourself to read that book. Wow!

-My 1st HCBC Pastoral Title change...jokes flew - "is it to Senior Pastor?" "We'll say you got a promotion." Actually, the change is much simpler. My official title now is Small Groups & Connections Pastor. I like it!
- As circumstances (vacation) would have it, I received for the first time the list of 1st time visitors to call. One person who didn't list her phone number ended up being a neighbor 2 doors down. She and her husband are in the midst of a separation. The sermon on Sunday was about marriage. So I ask you...coincidence I just happened to get this list? Coincidental sermon topic? God doesn't do coincidences.
- Before I leave my office today I receive a phone call from the Round Rock Express (Triple-A affiliate of the Houston Astros Baseball Club). I had auditioned and was accepted to play the National Anthem at a game this year. I'm on...this Saturday!

Tuesday - long day. Long meeting but will get to hear about AIDS and the urban community
Wednesday - gotta get some fillings (for teeth) in the morning, but in the evening - Texas Softball!
Saturday - Jose', can you see?!
Sunday - 1st ever New Member Celebration at HCBC and Elena's 2nd Birthday.

What a week it has already been and promises to be.
I'll pray for you, you pray for me!


Shelley said...

Exciting!!! I wish I had known about Saturday before now. As usual I'm booked x 5. I am sure you will not only have a blast, but everyone with ears will be blessed. Have a great time, AJ!

Willow said...

Gosh, how I miss your music!